It’s official: no Stranger’s Wrath on XBLA

by: Jeremy -
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Just Add Water has finally put an end to all of the speculation and waiting: Stranger’s Wrath HD will not be released on the Xbox Live Arcade. It’s no secret that the negotiations between JAW and Microsoft have been riddled with trouble and it looks like the discussions have officially come to an end.

We spoke with the CEO of Just Add Water, Stewart Gilray back in Feburary, and he had no reservations stating that Microsoft was the main reason behind the hold up. One of the community reps from JAW’s website recently said publicly “blame Microsoft for not letting us publish on Xbox 360.” Considering that there are plenty more Oddworld games in the works from the developer, including an HD remake of Munch’s Oddysee, one has to wonder if this obvious relationship issue will result in furhter problems down the line.

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