It kinda smells like raw fish... Sushi Go Round pre-launch website up

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There are literally too many jokes to make here. My favorite though is "Sushi go Round? That was John Yan's (GN Owner and official butt of jokes) nickname in college".

So, yeah, There's a minigame that has been played 60 million times, and now it's becoming the basis for a game on the DS, DSi and Wii. The DSi camera will even allow users to put whoever they want in the game. We should have John review it and see if he's better at Sushi games than Kung Fu based slot machines (a fond and hillarious CES memory).

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MIDLOTHIAN, VA - JANUARY 21, 2010 – SouthPeak Games and Asylum Entertainment have launched the official Miniclip Sushi Go Round website The site serves up a feast of information on the upcoming Nintendo DS™ and Wii™ title, including gameplay details, screenshots, videos and plenty of other tasty treats.
There’s even the chance to try out your sushi rolling skills in the original Miniclip mini-game - which has been played more than 60 million times across the globe. However, the online version of Sushi Go Round is only the start and in the Nintendo DS and Wii games you’ll find a host of new modes and tricky bosses that pose a real culinary challenge. Nintendo DSi owners can even use the Nintendo DSi Camera to take pictures of their friends and family and then turn them into customers in their restaurant.
Miniclip Sushi Go Round is available on Wii and Nintendo DS from March 4 in PAL territories and March 16 North America. For more information check or for other SouthPeak products,
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