It didn't take long for someone to criticize the Modern Warfare 2 trailer

by: John -
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Maybe it's because I played a ton of Fallout 3 or maybe because I know it's just a game but one site's already asking if the Infamy trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone too far in depicting a worn turn Washington D.C.  Seriously? These guys didn't have a problem with games going about showing other countries being decimated by war but they think people will have a problem with the U.S. being this way?

It's just a game folks. I never heard anyone complain about Fallout 3 or Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. It's not the first time we've seen Washington D.C. in ruins or being attacked upon nor will it be the last. I think we have better things to be upset about anyways other than a game that has a scene with Washington D.C. in flames.

Did we get any reaction when the aliens blew up the White House in the Independence Day commercial? Hell no. I know it's pre-9/11 but still.
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