Is this the PSP2?

by: Jeremy -
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With Sony’s big press conference only 2 days away, images have made their way online of what appear to be the first official image(s) of the Sony PlayStation Portable 2. Sony is expected to officially unveil the product Thursday morning in Japan.

The image shown below depict what could possibly be the base model of the new handheld. Shown below, the PSP2 looks to include a larger screen, dual analog “nubs”, SD card support and possibly a new proprietary PSP2 memory stick (for games?). The image also shows the inclusion of a stylus pen which would indicate that the screen supports some sort of touch functionality.

Stay tuned for the full reveal on the PSP2 later this week... when the rumors can finally come to an end and we can start talking facts.

Source: Andriasang 

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