Is that gameplay I see? (Ridge Racer: Unbounded trailer)

by: Jeremy -
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Why, I believe that it just might be... our first glimpse at some actual gameplay footage for Namco’s Ridge Racer: Unbounded.

In the various news postings regarding this title, I haven’t been shy regarding my preference for Namco’s arcadey-racer series over most other games in the racing genre but I have had reservations about Ridge Racer’s path into the desctruction-racing genre. The first glimpses of gameplay shown in this trailer may be putting those reservations (and fears) to rest... it looks pretty solid. Ridge Racer: Unbounded is going to have to do a lot in order to break away from the “Burnout-ripoff” moniker that it has already garnered by much of the industry and I really hope that they can do it...

Hopefully, we will be seeing much more on this title at E3 in Los Angeles in a few short weeks but until then, check out the trailer below. The trailer shown below was recently posted to Namco Bandai’s official European Youtube account:

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