Is that a Legend in your Pocket…or just an update?

by: Dan -
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Those folks over at Spacetime Studios have added a free update (v1.3) to their successful 3D mobile MMO Pocket Legends with the release of Pocket Legends: Adventures. The game is available in the AppStore for free for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but like many of the most popular free Apps, if you want to make any headway, it will cost you some real-world cash to get in-game currency. Check out the list of updates below (which change how the game is played) as well as the video and screens.
  • World Map and additional Townes: this next update for Pocket Legends opens up the world map and lays the foundation for massive expansion!
  • Lore, story and more: for the first time in Pocket Legends, players are immersed in the rich story of this unique realm of animal heroes.
  • Quests: a new mode of play has come to Pocket Legends! Story-driven QUESTS provide new narrative lines to follow as players advance their character.
  • Open-ended zones: players experience Pocket Legends in a whole new way: large, continuous quest zones, reminiscent of traditional PC games… but playable with anyone, anytime, anywhere!
  • New player tutorial quest zones: private story-driven instances await new Pocket Legends characters: here players learn about questing, vendors and more.
  • Optimizations and customizations: the game runs much better on lower-end devices and opens up the possibility of more character customization.

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