Is a brand new character coming to Killer Instinct?

by: Nathan -
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A few days ago, Double Helix held a live stream where they teased that a reveal for the next character for Killer Instinct would be coming soon. They told us that "you will not see the next character coming in terms of who they may be", my guess was either a brand new female character or a guest character. For now, it appears that it was in fact, a brand new female character. The character, who has not been named as of yet, looks like she is a combination of Mileena, Cammy and Juri. Her look, moves, and stance looks like it resembles a spider and she looks like she can be deadly in the air, which would be a different style character than what they have already. 

Jago is a balanced character, Sabrewulf is a rushdown character, Glacius is a zoner and Thunder is a grappler. This new character looks like her basic offense may be launching characters and then punishing them while they are in the air. We barely have any info to go on but i'm excited to get the lowdown on the character, which Double Helix says "will come in due time." 

The other theory that has been going around is that this is a actually a complete redesign for Kim Wu, a new female character that was added to Killer instinct 2. I know they are giving the original characters some new designs but this looks WAY too different to be Kim Wu.

Finally, a short teaser video had been released on the web but has since been pulled. Thankfully Maximilian, who has been doing an amazing job posting Killer Instinct videos and news on his channel managed to grab it before it was gone. 

I am getting so hyped for this game and I am very excited they are introducing some brand new characters to the Killer Instinct universe. The original roster was lacking in female characters so I am happy they are adding some new ladies as well. 

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