Is Marvel vs. Capcom 3 dead? Not by a longshot...

by: Jeremy -
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With the recent change in focus (of Capcom) to the SSF4: Arcade Edition update and Street Fighter X Tekken, many Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fans are worried that Capcom may have moved on past their beloved game. We haven’t seen any new features added (characters) aside from a few random Shadow Battle packs and nothing was even mentioned about the future of the game at E3. Fear not my friends, Capcom hasn’t forgotten about the game and says that we will soon see proof of that...

Capcom’s Christian Svensson recently spoke out on the Capcom Unity message boards addressing the questions and concerns of MvC3 fans. When asked why Capcom “doesn’t care about MvC3 any more”, Svensson replied with the following:

“Oh, don't confuse silence for disinterest. We care very much. You'll see. 8)”

Hot on the heels of that message, which was posted last week, a strong rumor has emerged that Capcom has something big planned for the San Diego Comic-Con next month. An announcement of an expansion or more DLC characters for the game would be a perfect fit for the Comic-Con event... as it is about comics after all. Personally, I am hoping for additional DLc characters rather than a retail expansion, though I wouldn’t shy away from that either.

If we are getting more characters, who do you want to see added?

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