Is EA trying to alter their own history?

by: Chuck -
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Earlier today Shacknews used a Wikipedia scanning tool to determine that EA staffers were altering the Electronic Arts Wikipedia page to remove references to founder Trip Hawkins, the EA Spouse scandal and other corporate malfeasance that was listed on the page.

EA has since responded to the accusations stating:
"EA sometimes updates websites with info about the company, games and employees. For example, EA has sent a correction to Yahoo Finance when they had misspelled the name of an EA executive"
Really EA?  That's all you've got?  I guess I can see why a company would want cover up some of the scandals and criticism but why would you want to eliminate Trip Hawkin's involvement with the company?  The guy helped found the company and tenured the game through some of the companys best years. Modifying your Wikipedia page just makes you look petty and thin skinned.
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