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Last year PC gamers got to find out what would happen if the Cold War had never ended.  Now, World in Conflict is coming to console gamers.  Receiving stacks of strategy game awards, developer Massive Entertainment is reworking control schemes to translate mouse-and-keyboard conventions into gamepad ones for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Not only that, additional content is in the making, thus avoiding being declared as a straight-across port with nothing new to offer.  PC gamers will also have access to the new content as an add-on.  Real-time strategy games are few and far between for consoles, and World in Conflict is definitely one to continue watching.


The Genre-Bending “Best Strategy Game of 2007” Gets Even Better As It Heads to Consoles with Additional Single Player and Multiplayer Content

Los Angeles (February 14, 2008) – Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, announced today that World in Conflict™ – the groundbreaking action-strategy game that claimed the coveted E3 2007 Game Critics “Best Strategy Game” award and topped many “Best of 2007” lists – will appear on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system this fall. 


World in Conflict, originally created by Sierra’s-own Massive Entertainment, is being redesigned for consoles and will also include a host of new content for both the single-player campaign and the game’s award-winning multiplayer mode.  The new content will also be made available for personal computer as an add-on to the original World in Conflict game.  More information on the PC release will be provided soon.


The World in Conflict game for Xbox 360 and the PLAYSTATION®3 system is being developed by Massive Entertainment in conjunction with Sierra’s-own Swordfish Studios.


World in Conflict was one of the best games on any platform in 2007 and its innovative action-focused gameplay makes it a perfect fit for the transition to consoles,” said Martin Tremblay, president of worldwide studios, Sierra Entertainment.  “World in Conflict is being reinvented for Xbox 360 and the PLAYSTATION®3 system, with innovative features and new single player and multiplayer content created for the console audience.  World in Conflict on consoles will be an amazing extension of an already great gaming franchise.”


World in Conflict is a true genre-bender, effectively carving out an entirely new “Action-Strategy” category which appeals to all kinds of video game players, from action junkies to first-person-shooter enthusiasts to strategy purists. 


The unique cross-genre design and universal appeal is what led global media to make World in Conflict the most critically lauded strategy game of 2007.  The game collected a clean sweep of “Best Strategy Game” awards from E3 2007, countless “Editor’s Choice” awards from the world’s top reviewers, and was the clear choice for “Best Strategy Game of 2007” during the end-of-year awards season.  In addition, the game received several additional “Best of 2007” awards and nominations in categories that included “Best PC Game,” “Best Graphics,” “Best Multiplayer,” “Most Innovative,” and more. 


About World in Conflict

The World in Conflict game asks the terrifying question, what if the Cold War didn’t end?  The award-winning game represents the next-generation of strategy titles, pitting Cold War-era superpowers against one another with completely destructible 3D battlefields and blistering visuals using DX10 technology.  World in Conflict features an innovative gameplay mechanism that removes traditional resource-gathering and base-building in favor of non-stop combat, tactical decisions and FPS-like intense action.  The game also features a deep single-player campaign that showcases Hollywood-quality storytelling of the Cold War gone hot.


World in Conflict for Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION®3 system and personal computer is expected to be available at retail stores in North America in Fall 2008.  For more information on the World in Conflict game, please visit


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