Intel shipping new Sandy Bridge Cougar Point chipsets today

by: John -
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Did you get your partner a Sandy Bridge PC for Valentine's Day today? Well, more than likely, the computer has a faulty chipset that will most likely render the SATA 3.0 ports useless over time.  Well, today Intel's going to be shipping out new Cougar Point chipsets to alleviate that problem.

I picked up my Sandy Bridge setup at my local Microcenter here in Columbus, Ohio a few weeks ago before the news broke out. Surprisingly, I got an email from Microcenter stating that they will be getting replacements in approximately eight weeks as well as sending me instructions on how to get my motherboard replaced. I thought that was real nice of them to do so seeing as I didn't even send in a request on what I should do.

Yes, it might be a pain to replace the whole motherboard, but I'm glad Intel and other companies are standing behind their product and offering up replacements for the issue.
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