Insomniac goes back to the good ole Ratchet & Clank games with Into the Nexus

by: John -
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Do you yearn for a Ratchet & Clank game like it was in A Crack in Time? Well, you're getting your wish this Fall as Insomniac's going to be delivering Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus for the PlayStation 3 and it's going to be like a traditional R&C game.

IGN has the exclusive look at the game. They wanted to make Ratchet feel like Ratchet again with hings such as planet discovery, skill points, upgrades, etc. The fun weapons are here too, of course. One of the ones touched on is the grav tether, which allows the duo to navigate far apart spaces using a purple spiral like bridge that's similar to the blue excursion funnels in Portal 2.

Besides the third person action. there will be some 2D side scrolling levels, but not much was shown about them. I'm sure more information on this aspect of the game will come out later in time.

Yes, the game will be coming out on the PlayStation 3 so you've still got one potentially great game coming to the system this year. Also, there's a possibility of a VITA version, but nothing concrete yet. 

It will only cost you $29.99, so not only are you getting a Ratchet & Clank game that harkens back to the days of old, you'll also be able to pick it up, both digitally and in physical form, at a great price.
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