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by: Jeremy -
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Originally, I had planned to use this posting space to write up my impressions of the Crysis 2 demo on the PlayStation 3. I set my alarm about 90 minutes early this morning so that I could get up and put some time on it before work, which would have allowed my to expression my thoughts and impressions... but what did I find? It turns out that EA has pulled both the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo and the servers for the PlayStation 3.

An official statement has been made by EA:

Thank you for your interest in the PlayStation 3 version of the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo. Though many gamers have had a great experience playing the demo, we are aware that others have been experiencing server connection delays. We’ve identified the root cause and have decided to close the PS3 demo in the next 24 hours to ensure all issues are resolved when the game launches next week. Our priority is to ensure that the final product is flawless at launch.

So much for my impressions or chance at playing the game prior to next week’s release. I had seen various reports around the net regarding connection issues on the PS3 demo, but didn’t think that that issue was this severe. Hopefully EA can get everything ironed out before the game goes on sale...

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