Infinity Ward doesn't know why the PC release date is different

by: John -
More On: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Things might change but recently there was talk that the PC release date for Modern Warfare 2 would be two weeks later than the console. Well, Infinity Ward didn't know about that and they tweeted saying they're going to try and get an official word.

For those that were disappointed to hear that the game's pushed back two weeks, we might still get a change and have the game come out on every platform the same day. I'm not that upset by it if it comes out a few weeks later. Two weeks ain't that bad and there are plenty of games to keep me busy until then. Sure, I won't play it as soon as other folks should the release date hold but it's going to be the same game whether I play it on the 10th or 24th.
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