Infinite Crisis closed beta launches today. Joker Character Profile released to celebrate

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The DC Universe, free-to-play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis goes into closed beta today, but it isn't too late to sign up. You can still sign up for the beta at the following link

In addition, to celebrate the launch, a new Champion Profile for The Joker has been released. 

A homicidal maniac who terrifies even Gotham's worst criminals, The Joker cavorts into fights blasting opponents with explosive dolls and boxing glove-adorned RPGs. He is the master of turning innocent props into deadly weapons as he employs his contraptions to corral his opponents into a fatal trap.

We also get a look at Joker's abilities including... 
  • Sadist - Gains passive. Power damage and power life steal. Effect doubled if an enemy or ally dies near Joker
  • Mr Punchy - Launches a punching glove rocket. Heroes struck are stunned for a short duration. 
  • Surprise - Throws a box that explodes, then unleashes four small snapping teeth that chases opponents, dealing more power damage and slowing. 
  • Vanish - Flashes Joker to a target location, leaving behind a dummy bag. The dummy explodes after 4 seconds or after being destroyed.
  • Last Laugh - Joker's Ultimate. Trap doll pops to deal AOE damage and leaves behind a poison gas cloud. Enemies in crowd are stunned. 
You can expect the following characters in the game with many more coming in the future. 
  • Nightmare Batman
  • Doomsday
  • Flash
  • Gaslight Batman
  • Gaslight Catwoman
  • Gaslight Joker
  • Green Lantern
  • Poison Ivy
  • Shazam
  • Joker
  • Wonder Woman
  • Zatanna

I am not that familiar with DC Comics Superheros and Villains but it looks like they are going all out in terms of character design. Of course you have the traditional Superhero attires, but then I go to the main website and I see Transformer Wonder Woman and... some weird, post apocalyptic, dual chainsaw wielding Wonder Woman. She looks like a character you would see in the Borderlands universe. 

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