Indie Spotlight: Waveform

by: Travis -
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This week's installment of Indie Spotlight features a game that tasks players with navigating and manipulating a single wave of light through the cosmos in a quest to stop a threatening singularity. From the development team at Eden Industries, the upcoming indie game Waveform will introduce gamers to the Guitar Hero of light waves. The control of light is handled with a simple click and drag of the mouse that allows for an inviting and easy to learn gameplay experience. For those wishing for more complexity with their light wave will be relieved to hear the game has over 100 levels across 11 worlds, with each featuring completion rates. Also included are randomly generated levels that feature leaderboard support, which are sure to become tense competitions for light wave masters.

The levels will feature an assortment of obstacles and items that will either hinder or assist in controlling the light wave. Gamers will also have to utilize objects like mirrors to reach the end of each level. Particular levels will feature unique conditions that require quick adaptation, such as the visuals warping to the motion of a wave or future sections darkened from the singularity. The fusion of retro-arcade action and puzzle elements in Waveform promise to deliver a gameplay experience that's been seriously lacking from recent game releases.

From the innovative gameplay focus of controlling a wave of light to the sleek visuals and addictive music, Waveform should be on the wish list of every indie enthusiast this year. Waveform will be coming to Steam on March 20. Visit the official website for further details and media. Check back next week for the complete review of Waveform. For the eager indie fans out there, be sure to follow my tweets this weekend for exclusive details and screenshots of the review-in-progress.

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