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Indie Spotlight: Heaven Variant

by: Travis -
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When you combine a callback to classic side-scrolling shooters and the retro game visuals of the 1980s and 90s, you end up with the extremely exciting game in development from Zanrai Interactive titled Heaven Variant. They've just released a gameplay preview video that features their new ship design, improved gameplay, and some exhilarating cinematic action. The ship's launch bay at the beginning of the video brought back memories of Star Fox 64 and rad Saturday cartoons from my childhood. Later in the video, the environmental background detail of the orbital colony's display panels switching from day to night and lastly a blue screen of death was simply impressive.

The game is currently being created using the Unreal Development Kit by a three person independent development team based in Dallas, Texas. No word yet on a demo or release date, but be sure to visit the game's official website to explore further details and media.