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Indie Royale July Jubilee Bundle packs a whopping 10 games

by: Mike -
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The newest addition to the Indie Royale Bundle series is available now, with ten titles valued at a total of $50, on sale for a tenth of that cost.

The bundle includes the adventure game Puzzle Agent, which is included alongside another title that features a series of five old-school, open-world RPGs called the Geneforge Saga. Also included in the July Jubilee bundle are the 2D platformer Oniken, the psychedelic shoot-em-up Mutant Storm Reloaded, the razor-focused Swift Stitch (with the time traveling stealth title Rose and Time included as a bonus) and the RPG Platformer Unepic

Additionally, those who pay $8 more will receive "Insert" from Prof. Sakamoto. 

Form more information on the newest bundle, visit here.