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In news that should surprise no one, GOG.com gets even more awesome

by: Nathaniel -
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If you're a gamer with even the most unpowerful modern computer and have not yet checked out GOG.com, then you should do yourself a favor and check it out already.  Finally play those classics - totally DRM free -  that you missed out on from 10 or 15 years ago.  That's what attracted me to GOG.com first.

If you've checked out GOG.com but haven't yet pulled the trigger because you're afraid of all the drama (real or only imagined) that comes with downloading and installing games on a PC or laptop, then now is the time to get over it.  GOG.com has announced today that they are offering a 100% refund on any game that you purchased, downloaded, but neither you nor GOG.com's tech support could get to properly play.  The only exception is that your computer must meet the minimum system requirements listed on GOG.com which seems totes fair to me.

The video explains it better than I could.  So does this FAQ.

GOG.com Introduces Worldwide 100% Money Back Guarantee for Its Entire DRM-free Catalog


(9 December 2013) -- GOG.com, the DRM-free source of the best of gaming, announced today that it is now offering a 100% money back guarantee on the functionality of all of its games for PC and Mac for users everywhere in the world. The rules are simple: any game purchased on the site can be returned within 30 days of purchase for full money back if GOG.com's Support team can't solve problems getting the game running and the user's computer meets the requirements posted on the game's page. For more information on how the guarantee works and details on how to get a refund, check out the FAQ on GOG.com's website or just watch the video below.

GOG.com's new policy is actually a declaration of trust in both its games and its gamers. GOG.com trusts the games that it sells: they do their very best to only select high-quality games and, whenever possible, tests them extensively to make sure that they're in top working order; now they're backing up that trust with a promise that they'll do whatever it takes to make the games work or else refund gamers back their money. There's also some trust in their users involved, since the very nature of DRM-free gaming means that they can't "de-activate" any games that the user reports as broken. Also keep in mind that GOG.com's Worldwide Money Back Guarantee starts today, so all purchases made in the past 30 days are included in it.

The digital distributor also released Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse Episode 1 last week, and the immortal classic Theme Park has launched for both Mac and PC on GOG.co today. With these great games--classic and new--and the new Money Back Guarantee, GOG.com isn't letting itself slack as the winter rolls in.


About GOG.com
GOG.com is a store that sells games for download. With more than 600 games in its catalog and 150+ partners, they have games from every big studio you’ve ever heard of—Interplay, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts—and games from indie studios that produce brilliant games in obscurity. Formerly known as Good Old Games, GOG.com has games from as far back as 1981 and as recently as yesterday. With the best games in history for PC and Mac, GOG.com has grown to be the #2 independent digital distributor on the ‘Net.