In my best Soup-Nazi voice: “no Captivate for you!”

by: Jeremy -
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It looks like Capcom will not be holding their annual Captivate media event this year as they have done in the past. Christian Svennson, Senior VP of the company, recently took to the company’s official forums and address direct questions from the fan community. One of the questions asked is what was in store for Captivate 2013. Svennson’s response stated that they would be focusing on other industry events and has not planned a Captivate event for 2013.

It really makes sense given the recent financial shortfalls of the company. Many of the company’s games released in the latter part of 2012 reportedly sold well below their projected goals. Games like Resident Evil 6 were expected to do a lot better than they actually performed. As a result (and "smartfully" so), the company is taking a step back making up for the lost financial ground.

Hopefully 2013 proves to be a better year for the company and we see a Captivate event back on the schedule for 2014!

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