In an hour and change, 10,000 stores will sell you Halo 4

by: John -
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Halo 4 is coming out at midnight tonight and there's a good chance a store near you will be open to sell you a copy. Microsoft's trying to make Halo 4's launch one of the biggest ever and a part of that is getting 10,000 stores to be open at midnight so you can walk in and grab yourself a copy of the game.

Not only will there be plenty of stores open, launch events in various parts of the world will celebrate the return of Master Chief. You can't say Microsoft isn't pulling out all the stops for this release. I can't wait to see what the final numbers are for the week.

Halo 4's the first Halo game not made by Bungie and it's a direct follow up to Halo 3 released five years ago. Jeremy did a great review in both written and video form if you're interested to know what he thought of the game. 
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