In Soviet Russia, the Matrix is in you (or, Square Enix announces MindJack)

by: Ben Berry -
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Square Enix makes some good games, so it's hard to give them immediate crap for an idea I haven't even seen realized yet. But if you make what sounds like a cyberpunk game, use a Matrix like idea, but just put the computer inside the person instead of the person inside the computer, it seems kinda cheap.  But there you have the idea of  MindJack

Anyways, we'll see. Plus it makes me laugh that they know what it'll cost before it's rated or even done.

Company Announces a Unique, Co-op Multiplayer Experience for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Available this October

LOS ANGELES (June 15, 2010) – Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in North America, unveiled today an all-new action (online) shooter titledMINDJACK™. Being developed by acclaimed Japanese developer feelplus inc., MINDJACK will be available this October for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.
With this unique action shooter set in 2031, Square Enix continues to expand its portfolio of video games across a wide variety of genres. Drawing upon the graphics and storytelling mastery of both Square Enix and feelplus, MINDJACK offers a distinctive experience that throws players into a revolutionary playing field where an engaging solo campaign transitions seamlessly to thrilling, cooperative multiplayer gameplay.
MINDJACK is part of Square Enix’s expansive lineup of games for the 2010 E3 Expo, taking place in Los Angeles from June 15-17. Visit booth 1647 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center to experience the company’s latest offerings.
A new era. Sophisticated and complex technologies are now contributing to the advancements of mankind. However, the world’s governments are crumbling, new corrupt powers arise and conspiracies proliferate. The truth behind the proscribed technology could destroy the very core of humanity.  Join a rogue team of agents as they fight for survival and entangle themselves deeper into the mystery. 
MINDJACK offers a unique online experience. Enter a revolutionary playing field upon which an engaging solo campaign transitions seamlessly to thrilling cooperative play. Expand your mind’s reach by “hacking” into enemies, vehicles or civilians and enjoy the freedom to control almost any character. Each bystander becomes an active combatant in this new urban warfare.
Your “state of mind” is your only limitation!
·         Assume the role of a Mind Hacker hacking into and controlling the minds of enemies to turn the tide of battle.
·         Aquire XP to expand your hacker’s Arts abilities. Increase a character’s strength or improve your hit-rate – players can strategize according to their combat style. 
·         Hack or be hacked! Players can slowly alter their gaming universe – or have it altered by other online players – one hack at a time.
·         Utilize futuristic weapons and real fighting techniques, like Krav Maga, in your virtual playground.
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