In Dead Genre news: SOL: Exodus to reinvigorate the space sim

by: Nathaniel -
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This tweet from Kotaku might uplift the spirits of those who, like me, miss the old-school space-sim.  According to the Kotaku article, a team of developers in Austin calling themselves Seamless Entertainment want to make space-sims relevant again and are going to release a downloadable game in the vein of Wing Commander, Tie Fighter, and Descent: Freespace.  The game, called SOL: Exodus, and set for release later this year, will tell the tale of explorers desperately trying to find a new home for humanity after Sol, our home star, begins to go super-nova.  Upon their return, the explores find that a religious group has gained control of Earth.  I assume fighting ensues.  Check out the aforementioned Kotaku article for more complete details on SOL: Exodus.  You can also visit SOL: Exodus on the web at

I'm slightly disappointed to hear that it's a downloadable title, and no platforms have been announced yet, but considering how slim pickins' are for space-sim fans, any news is good news.
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