Impulse nabs Total Annihilation and all it's expansions

by: Chuck -
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The folks at Impulse have managed to snag the rights to distribute Total Annihilation and it's two expansion packs which are now on sale for $9.99.  If you even remotely consider yourself a RTS fan you need to go buy these right now.  Seriously, stop reading this and go pick them up.

I know they are a bit old school but outside of Dune II and the original Command and Conquer, Total Annihilation is easily one of the most important games in RTS history.  The game took all fo the RTS core components and took them to the next level.  There were tons of units available in the game for you to use which lead to devising all kinds of strategies to win the game while forcing you to defend against the same level of complexity. 

The Core Contingency expansion pack holds a special place in my heart because it introduced the Krogoth.  The Krogoth is a giant dinosaur of a unit that could single handedly wipe out large bases.  Of course it took forever to build but once you had one or two it was pretty much game over for anyone you were fighting.  I can't recommend these games enough if you want to see one of the most influential RTS games of all time.
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