I'm Starting with the Man in the Mirror

by: Randy -
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The folks at AtomicGamer are busy as usual setting up lots o' mirrors on their 3Ddownloads website, as well as dropping some original reviews here and there.  Check out the new stuff they put up:

Previews & Reviews Galore
  • Taking it back to the old school, AtomicGamer reviewed Xbox 360 Live Arcade's Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting.
  • Ten new screenshots and a couple trailers for Lineage II Chronicle 5.  Check out the, um, monster between this guy's legs.
  • See if you can snatch the Hero Online Open Beta from my palm, young grasshopper.
  • Mage Knight Apocalypse, the action roleplaying title based on the collectible miniatures game, has a new teaser.
  • Pac-Man's come a long way since his regular pill poppin' days.  Here's the Pac-Man World Rally Subterranean Speedway trailer.
  • Just Cause, the South American 007, has a new movie trailer.
  • Any theater majors out there?  The WWII tactical RTS Theatre of War has a "fun" trailer out in the battlefield.
  • Six screenshots on a dead man's chest!  Available for One Piece: Pirate's Carnival.
  • Test Drive Unlimited is gearing up to own the road on X360.  Here are some more screenshots to show you why.
  • Dead Rising has their killer Webisode 4 movie out now.
  • Don't call it WoW: it's WOWarhammer Online has some new screenshots and concept art up.
  • In Japanese, "Okami" means "some of the most beautiful artwork you've ever seen in your life," with nothing lost in translation.  Here's a trailer.
  • Counter-Strikers have some new mods to toy with: the Fun House CS 1.6 map, the CounterStrike 1337 Assault map, and the Direct Engagement mod.
  • Strategy wargamers have a 1.09 patch available for Birth of America.
  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is also patched up to 1.21.
  • American and Hungarian Independence get a 1.51 patch For Liberty!
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