I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Mass Effect 3 story leak on the Citadel

by: John -
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Leaks for games happen all the time, but rarely do you see leaked documents for a game. Well, it seems the entire storyline for Mass Effect 3 was leaked and now BioWare's investigating the situation. This was taken from the leaked beta code that was available over the weekend.

One of the great things for the Mass Effect series is the story and the third game is the final story for Commander Shepard. We all want to be surprised at how it ends and I'm sure for various folks, it'll be different depending on how they play the game. All that can be bypassed though if you read the script that's been leaked.,

The script thought may not be the final script for the game as BioWare hinted. Then again, they could just be saying that. Even if it's not the final, there's probably a great deal of the story spoiled for a lot of folks who decide to read it and you can only have yourself to blame if you didn't want to know about what the game's plot points are ahead of time should you decide to do so.

Still, it must really suck to have worked so hard on the game and to have a lot it spoiled a few months before the release. Let's hope most folks decide to skip out on reading it and enjoy the final Shepard Mass Effect game in a few short months.
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