If you're a fan of Mega Man, check out this Kickstarter project being led by none other than Keiji Inafune

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While you can't say we didn't get a new Mega Man game from Capcom for the blue bomber's 25th anniversary, I would have hoped it would have been more than a fan game turned official.  Don't get me wrong, I liked Street Fighter X Mega Man, but it would have been nice if Capcom themselves developed a new game, but now I'm getting off track.  Anyway, if you're a fan of Mega Man and the side-scrolling genre in general, there's a new game on the way that may just be up your alley.

A company called Comcept has started a Kickstarter page for an upcoming game called Mighty No. 9, a side-scrolling action game that pays homage to the classic Mega Man games.  In fact, everything about the development of the game is being handled by veteran Japanese game developers who have experience with the genre or Mega Man in general...including the projects leader, none other than Keiji Inafune himself, the father of Mega Man.

The game will have a lot of similarities to the Mega Man series, such as gaining new powers from defeating enemies (not just bosses this time) and the main character being called Beck while his female partner is named Call.  Get it?  Beck & Call?  Like Rock & Roll?  Anyway, there are multiple levels of rewards depending on how much you wish to give, including things like special forum access, a digital copy of the game, a physical NES or Famicom-style box, to even a dinner with Keiji Inafune in Japan...though I hope you have ten grand on hand for that one.  The main goal is $900k, but after that there will be new incentives for reaching higher goals, such as more levels and game modes.

Mighty No. 9 is set to release in the Spring of 2015.

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