If you were Mytheon, when would you start open beta? How about April 28th

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Petroglyph (which is science talk for a picture of a gas pump) and True Games (who like George Washington cannot tell a lie) are teaming up for action/RPG Mytheon. They've decided to go open beta for the game on 4/28/10. Anyone signing up after that date can play immediately.

Further, in a (sarcasm) groundbreaking move (/sarcasm) players in open beta can pay for a special package allowing them discounts on in-game purchases, advance access to content and early access to the full release. These people will be known as Champions of Mytheon, or more commonly, suckers.

Hit the jump for details on this next step in the game development cycle

Two Thousand Lucky Players Will Have Access to The "Champions of
Mytheon" Package That Includes Sneak Peeks At New Content, Exclusive
And Premium Items And Much More

AUSTIN, TEXAS - (April 20, 2010) -- True Games Interactive, an
international multi-player online game developer and publisher, along
with award-winning developer, Petroglyph, today announced that its
highly-anticipated online, multiplayer Action/RPG with strategic game
play, Mytheon, which is now in closed beta, will begin its open beta
Wednesday, April 28th.  During this time, anyone who registers to play
at www.MytheonGame.com will be able to immediately play Mytheon. In
addition, the companies have also revealed that they will offer a
"Champions of Mytheon" premium package for a limited time that will
offer players lifetime access to discount currency, premium offerings,
exclusive, one-time only items, and sneak previews of new content
before release. "Champions of Mytheon" players will also have access
to an Early Play period before the official launch. The "Champions of
Mytheon" package will be available for purchase in early May.

"This is an exciting time for all of us and for Mytheon as we prepare
to open the flood gates and let everyone experience mythology come to
life in an action setting," said Peter Cesario, director of new
business and product development at True Games Interactive. "We have
already witnessed the development of a thriving community and we are
proud to offer them the Champions of Mytheon package which allows them
to get an ever-important head start on play, exclusive goodies, and
access to never before seen content that will truly make them feel
like the gods."
The open beta is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, April 28th.  Players
will be able to enjoy the most recent content and most polished
version of the game without restrictions. In addition, the cash shop
items will be available for the first time during open beta for
players to sample and enjoy. At various times during the open beta,
players will receive "Mytheon Coins" and be able to spend them as they
wish in the cash shop, on items such as armor and weapons, power
stones, potions, and much more.

The "Champions of Mytheon" package" will go on sale in early May and
will offer players a chance to secure their exclusive place in the
Mytheon community.  The package is limited to the first 2,000 lucky
players and will contain items such as coins, vitality elixirs, stone
bundles, limited-edition Mytheon shirts and autographed posters, early
access to new content before it officially releases, the opportunity
to display the player's real name in the Mytheon game credits under
"Champions of Mytheon", and much more.

Mytheon is an online, multiplayer Action/RPG with strategic game play
where players experience classic mythology come to life and challenge
legendary gods to define their own fate.  Players, or "Stonecasters,"
are powerful humans imbued with the ability to cast spells, summon
minions, and erect structures that aid them in battle. An assortment
of classes are available that approach combat differently and offer a
range of unique, cinematic abilities.

For additional details on Mytheon and to register for the closed beta
test now, and participate in the open beta test beginning April 28th,
visit: http://www.MytheonGame.com .
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