If you purchase one mech, purchase Sarah's Jenner for Mechwarrior Online

by: John -
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Sarah Parries was five years old and a big Mechwarrior Online fan with her dad. She loved watching her Dad pilot the Jenner and blow mechs up. Sadly, Sarah is no longer with us as she lost her battle with cancer.

Having gone through a loss of a loved one to cancer, I know how tough it can be, but this has got to be extra hard for the parents of Sarah to have lost her at such as young age. My thought go out to Sarah's family and I hope that time can help them through such a devastating loss.

The fine folks at Piranha Games is doing something though and what they are doing is pretty damn cool. They've created a Jenner dedicated to Sarah and all proceeds from the sale of this fine mech will go to Canadian Cancer Society. That's a great gesture and I hope many Mechwarrior players out there go out and purchase this mech to not only honor Sarah, but to donate to a very worthy cause.