If you patch the Dark Age of Camelot, is it making it darker or lighter-er?

by: Ben Berry -
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Bioware has announced that they've patched Dark Age of Camelot to 1.107. As a developer, when you're announcing a patch that's 3 decimals deep, it probably means nothing truly monumental is included. But just for the sake of full disclosure, here is a partial list of items that were included:
  • Class Balance: Savages are now able to train in the Realm Ability Charge.
  • Personal property protection: The contents of personal player houses will now be repossessed instead of destroyed when rent is not paid.
  • The realm timer has been turned back on. It will now take 5 minutes before you can switch between different realms on the same cluster.
Look out folks; savages. And now when you don't pay your rent, they repossess your house. I guess that's better than the old way, which was merely destruction of your property. Talk about an overzealous landlord.

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