If you hate puzzles, then you shall approve of this.

by: Nathaniel -
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Does anyone remember Prey?  Announced many years ago as the first "next-gen" game (that "next-gen" is just "gen" now) and finally released in 2006, was known mainly for portals, gravity manipulation, and "doors" that would make a psychiatrist uncomfortable.

Well, now that the sequel has been announced, details have finally began to drop.

One troubling one, in particular:

Beefjack.com is reporting that Prey 2 will excise the portal and gravity manipulation elements from the experience, because according to developer, Human Head, they didn't want it to be "too much of a puzzle game."

If you played Prey, you might remember the portal and grav manip to be the only memorable aspects of that game.  The shooting was only competent, and the difficulty was non-existent; that meant the only time the game was "challenging" was when you were trying to figure out its environmental puzzles.  Hopefully, developer, Human Head Studios, intends to liven up the shooting portions to make up for it.    

For me personally, since it's puzzles and challenge that provide the soul of my favorite first person shooters, this news seems disappointing.  However, since we're still as much as a year or more from Prey 2's 2012 release date, I'll withhold judgment and wait and see.

Official teaser trailer if you haven't seen it:

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