If it’s in the game, it’s in the game…even if “it” belongs to a backup QB

by: Dan -
More On: Madden NFL 13
Well, the folks at EA have once again added a new wrinkle to Madden that falls in line with their famous slogan.  According to the Twitter account of Michael Young, Madden NFL Creative Director at EA Sports, Tebowing will be in Madden NFL 13.  There isn't any follow up tweets yet on the topic from Young, so it is unknown if this will be a Tim Tebow specific move, or if you can Tebow at any time.  Like Steven Tulloch of the Detroit Lions did last year after sacking Tebow in a game at Denver.

Anyways, I am sure this will generate plenty of buzz and be addressed via  video or Q&A from EA Sports or the Madden Team.  In the meantime, let the hype for the most overrated NFL athlete in league history continue to churn.

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