If King Crimson made a dungeon crawler, it would be Severed.

by: Jeff -
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Drinkbox Studios has released the first trailer for their newest game, Severed, and it's trippier than brown acid on the Magical Mystery Tour. The visuals are very similar to their last game, Guacamelee!, but from the looks of the gameplay, it'll be a completely new monster.

In Severed, you play as a lost warrior trying to knit together pieces of her life from both the past and the future. You'll trek through the surreal landscape and crawl through dungeons to find new abilities and see what secrets this place is hiding. It will be a first-person adventure that uses gesture-based combat to cut down enemies and interact with the world. It features a nonlinear story and gameplay, so you can take whatever path you see fit to unlock the upgrades you want.

They haven't announced a platform yet, but judging by the swipe-based gameplay, I wouldn't be surprised if they were gunning for the iOS/Android. Since I'm still stuck in the qwerty-age of cell phones, I can only hope this will get a PC release as well. Severed will be released sometime in the Spring of 2015.

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