IGN buys UGO

by: John -
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Depending on the timing of this event and a few other factors, I wonder if we'll see less journalists at E3. Reports are coming out that IGN is buying UGO and spinning off from News Corp.

The merger actually combines IGN, UGO, 1Up, WhatTheyPlay.com, and Gamespy. Those are a lot of entities combined into one. The merger probably means some restructuring and lost jobs, which is an unfortunate result of these kinds of things.

Gaming Nexus was actually a part of UGO a long time ago. We actually merged with Gamepen, which was a part of UGO. It was after some unhappiness that I had with how they handled a downed server that made me decide to restart Gaming Nexus after the domain name came up again in September of 2002.

I know there's going to be uncertainty with a lot of folks in the companies affected so I hope things work out well for everyone there. I'll be seeing some of you guys at E3 in a few months.
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