I want this GPU on my next phone

by: John -
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Chuck and I love our phones and what we can do with them. We both own the Sprint Mogul and it's been a pretty solid phone. The problem is that the graphic hardware acceleration on the phone has been turned off severely gimping the performance of the phone in anything other than basic 2D operations. Well NVIDIA's looking to jump into the mobile market bigtime with the Tegra line of chips. Imagine keeping all your HD videos on your phone and being able to output 10-12 hours of 720P content onto a TV? I could carry my collection of HD videos to other people's houses in a very small package. You can also play a blazingly fast game of Quake 3 Arena either on the phone or using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with the video outputted to a monitor. You'd get all these cool 3D effects that the iPhone has and more. I'm really hoping to see more of the technology come CES next year but the Tegra sure looks pretty impressive.
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