I owe Chuck a movie as StarCraft II looks to be delayed until 2010

by: John -
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Color me surprised and a tad bit disappointed but it looks like StarCraft II is hitting the popular 2010 time frame. With the announcement of the ommision of LAN play and now this I am sort of losing my vibe for the game. Sure I played the hell out of the first one but it just sucks to have an announcement of the game, seeing it in such a polished form (from the videos at least), and not being able to play the final build at all. Well, here's hoping the beta starts up soon so we can at least get some playing time in while we wait for the final first of three campaigns from Blizzard.
Today we announced that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will not be ready for release by the end of 2009. Over the past couple of weeks, it has become clear that it will take longer than expected to prepare the new Battle.net for the launch of the game. The upgraded Battle.net is an integral part of the StarCraft II experience and will be an essential part of all of our games moving forward. This extra development time will be critical to help us realize our vision for the service.

Our mission is to develop games that deliver an epic entertainment experience. As part of that commitment, we will always take as much time as needed to ensure that our games and services meet the expectations of our players and the standard for quality that we set for ourselves as developers. As we work to make Battle.net the premier online gaming destination, we’ll also continue to polish and refine StarCraft II, and we look forward to delivering a real-time strategy gaming experience worthy of the series’ legacy in the first half of 2010.

We will share more details about the beta, Battle.net, and StarCraft II’s launch in the future. Keep an eye on the official website at
www.starcraft2.com for updates, and as always, thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support for StarCraft II and all of Blizzard Entertainment’s games.
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