I hope PS+ members like playing with dolls...

by: Jeremy -
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... because you are about to get a game about them for no charge. Sony and THQ have announced that Tim Schafer’s next game, Stacking, will be available to PlayStation Plus members free of charge when it launches next week.

The title, which will be released on both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, will carry a standard price of $14.99 / 1200 Microsoft points. Stacking tells the story of a family of Russian stacking dolls, particularly the youngest and smallest member of the family, Charlie Blackmore. You will take Charlie through a humorous adventure in a world where he just isn’t big enough to do things on his own.

I made the jump and bough a PS+ subscription this morning once I read that this deal was going to be offered. I had planned on buying the game on PSN anyways so I figured why not go ahead, pay a little more and get a 15-month subscription to the service; who knows what else they will give away throughout the year...

Source: Eurogamer 

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