I don't agree with the tone of this Eurogamer article about ME3

by: Nathaniel -
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I don't know about you guys, but I am ******* tired of the console wars.  It's been years, and at this point, actively engaging in such rhetoric is the same as those Star Wars fans that still complain about Jar Jar Binks.  My opinion is enjoy the console(s) you have and keep your mouth shut about it.

Alas, I am but one small island in a sea of unbridled hate covered in passive-aggressive storms of regret.  It's even worse when other journalistic sources get in on the action, and today Eurogamer, either intentionally or not, fed those storms with this article about the Mass Effect 3 framerate on the PS3.   

To make a long story short, ME3's framerate on the PS3 is worse than it is on the Xbox 360 and is akin to the PS3 demo instead of being better like the PS3 version of the ME2 demo that also had a worse framerate, but was mostly fixed in the full game.  I don't fault Eurogamer for posting such a story, it just makes me sad to know that at this very moment, on messageboards everywhere, it's being used as ammo by gamers who, for some reason, still feel the need to elevate one console over the other.  

However, it's not the effect, unintended or not, that bothers me the most.  What bothers me the most is that the mere fact that the framerate difference exists completely overshadows how much of a non-issue it is to me when I play Mass Effect 3 on the PS3.

As I prep my review for the PS3 version of Mass Effect 3 by spending 10 hours or more a day playing it, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the framerate issues do exist, they do not negatively impact the game for me and will have a negligible impact on my final grade - which I won't talk about here since I haven't finished the game yet.

So feel free to read the Eurogamer article, watch the Digital Foundry comparison video, and decide for yourself how much it may or may not bother you, but please don't take to the Internet and use it as evidence for the Xbox 360's superiority, because the framerate issues really don't affect the game's overall quality.  Mass Effect 3, and the whole series for that matter, is so much more than the technical details.  

And in the name of full disclosure, I have both consoles, played the demos on both, have a copy of the game for both (but have only played the PS3 version as of yet), and I find the differences between the two (based on the demos) negligible.  
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