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If you love cats and mobile gaming, then this might be the best totally real and not made up game news of the day: you can now download the feline puzzle game Meowzers on the iTunes store for you favorite iOS device.

You don't have to be high on catnip to play Meowzers, but I'm sure it helps.  In light of trying to explain the gameplay to you - because it cannot be done sober and clearheaded, I'll just show you the Meowzers launch trailer.

To learn more, follow the jump.  Also, you can visit www.sillysoft.net/meowzers.
Meowzers Action Cats Pounces Onto The App Store

A fun and light-hearted game for cat lovers.

VANCOUVER - December 12, 2012 - Is the end of bird domination near? The Meowzers Action Cats have just pounced on the app store. Jazz, Quasar and Spark are a friendly family of adorable felines who will meow and purr their way onto your phones and into your heart.

One to three people can play this co-operative and energizing game. Players draw control paths for the feline characters through trails of gems, catching tasty mice, and dodging dogs and other hazards along the way. The game will be meowing and purring constantly.

Meowzers progresses through 3 different game worlds each with a unique set of items and visuals. The game starts outside, moves to an indoor mansion full of fancy vases and cardboard boxes, and then into a grassy hide-and-seek courtyard. The developer Sillysoft Games promises more game worlds will be coming in 2013.

"I grew up with two cats," says Dustin Sacks, the founder of Sillysoft and lead developer of Meowzers. "I live in an apartment right now and this is my solution to not being able to have a real cat around." Sacks hopes that his game will appeal to feline fanatics with a sense of fun and adventure."Cat lovers take heart," Sacks grins "the bird domination of the app store CAN be stopped. The Action Cats are here and they will keep you purrfectly entertained!"

Meowzers Action Cats is available now as a 99 cents universal app for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.

Merry Catmas.

Sillysoft Games is an independent Canadian developer. They were responsible for the Lux series of strategy games, including Lux Touch and Lux Delux.

Meowzers Action Cats web home: http://sillysoft.net/meowzers/
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