I am not Ben 10, I'm the original. But here's some info about that other guy...

by: Ben Berry -
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Ben 10 is a cartoon, and like all cartoons it's now getting a video game. Don't ask why, just assume this is SOP and go about your business.

Today we got a release about Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction (Any title more than 5 words long is a problem). The release doesn't actually feature Mr. 10, rather it is a description of his primary nemesises. And here they are along with a screenie of the Big Chill

Big Chill - An intangible “ghost” who can pass through matter, turn invisible and drop the temperature of anything he chooses to almost absolute zero. Big Chill stops enemies “cold” with a strong freeze breath; his breath also extinguishes any out of control fires.  He uses his wings to ride strong gusts of wind to reach locations that can’t be reached by jumping.
Echo Echo - Small in stature but big in powers, Echo Echo is a walking amplifier.  He can create small duplicates of himself and project sonic waves. Echo Echo clones himself to do the job of a few people by himself.  He can use his clones to fight multiple enemies at once as well as activate triggers and switches to solve puzzles.  Being one Ben’s smaller alien forms, he is also able to crawl through small passages. 
Terraspin – Although his species is a peaceful one, Terraspin is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With his ability to control gale force winds from his body, Terraspin can generate tornado attacks and hover above the ground. He can transform his turtle-like body into a propeller and use his wide appendages as blades for a devastating spin attack. Terraspin combines strong winds and heavy attacks to knock back enemies that stand in his path.  His control of wind lets him hover across large gaps that Ben can’t jump across. 

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