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Do you remember the news last week for Hydrophobia?  The developer said that an announcement was coming today, December 20.  The day has arrived and the news is huge.  Here is what the "purification" means in short: you are getting an almost entirely new game and a price drop tomorrow.  

The original game cost 1200 MS Points but it will be dropped to 800 MS Points tomorrow.  Additionally, it was a 1.1 GB download but I'm wondering if the patch tomorrow is going to be just as large.  Why?  Here is the full list of changes coming tomorrow.  On the list you'll find improved textures, lighting, remapped controls, better animations, more realistic water effects, a new waypoint system, and more.  A brief video below shows off just some of the new improvements.

This is an impressive display of developer integrity.  They were confident in Hydrophobia and were dismayed at the reception by fans.  However, instead of moving on to a new game, they have released a patch that has changed the original almost completely.  Kudos, Dark Energy.  You win for supporting your game and we win for a better product.

Hydrophobia Pure
Dark Energy Digital is delighted to announce a comprehensive title update for Hydrophobia TM with a simultaneous price drop to 800 Microsoft Points. The title update is built from detailed analysis of critical and customer feedback and is a root and branch rework of all the major systems in the game.

“Thanks to the bespoke procedural technology and data driven architecture of the InfiniteWorlds TM engine, we’ve been able to cram a huge amount into a tiny patch – to be honest we didn’t think it was possible to make as many changes as we have. The camera and control changes alone makes it play so differently; it’s a whole new experience. We have listened to what the community liked and disliked about the game; we know we didn’t get everything right first time around but we have taken this time to refine the experience.” – Pete Jones, Joint Creative Director.

The full list of updates includes new button mapping, massively improved controls, combat, cover and camera systems, much clearer damage feedback and objectives, enhanced climbing, better graphics, and much more. The Trial has also been extended to allow players to sample more of the all new Hydrophobia TM.

“We are really pleased and impressed with Dark Energy’s response to feedback from the Xbox LIVE Arcade community in this title update. This just goes to show that gaming never stands still on Xbox LIVE, and for me this makes Hydrophobia TM one awesome Xbox LIVE Arcade title”. – Mark Coates - Microsoft.

The Hydrophobia title update launches on 21st December, and you can see a full list of the improvements at www.hydrophobia-game.com/pure.php

Assets are available on request, including a developer diary highlighting the changes, and early copies of the TU are available for new reviews or review updates (as we hope you’ll find a large proportion of your previous criticism has been addressed).

Merry Christmas from everybody on the Hydrophobia team.
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