Hulu Plus on the PS3 won't need PlayStation Plus

by: John -
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When Hulu Plus was announced for the PlayStation 3, we didn't know if you had to go through the premium service route like some of the features that Xbox Live does. Well, it looks like those wanting to pay $10 for Hulu on the PlayStation 3 won't need to plunk down anymore money to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

I'd still love a free version of Hulu for the items that are also free on the website itself but I guess we won't get that option. At least I still can watch Hulu on my big screen via my Windows 7 Media Center but having it available on the PS3 as well would've been a nice feature. Now, we'll see if Microsoft will go the same route and let Silver members subscribe to Hulu Plus when it comes to their service next year.
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