Hugo Chavez’s dislike for consoles now includes PlayStation

by: Dan -
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Unfortunately for Sony, Hugo Chavez, the “eccentric” leader (or is it dictator) of Venezuela has now included the PlayStation in his rants about what Western toys and games are “poison” and leading his countries children down the road of capitalism according to an article on Google News courtesy of AFP.

Apparently, Chavez has taken aim at Nintendo previously, so I guess Microsoft’s Xbox 360 must be the console of choice in Chavez’s palaces then, eh? Really though, if he needs some legal representation, maybe he can bring Jack Thompson to Venezuela and get him a license to practice law. I imagine he doesn’t have much of a client base right now….

Then again, I bet the folks at Activision could give Treyarch the next installment of Call of Duty. They could bring it to the current year and call it Call of Duty 6: Liberation Venezuela. Or maybe those folks behind the popular “Tycoon" series games could make one called “Dictator Tycoon” and base the world map on an overlay of Venezuela. Then you could nationalize the Oil industry, take over foreign owned stores and destroy your economy and devalue the money until it is worth less than the Mexican Peso. That would be sweet.

I almost forgot, if anyone is looking to move to Venezuela and set up a used Video Game shop, you may want to think twice as the market is probably a bit tepid due to the five years in prison you can get for selling "bellicose" video games.
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