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If you've never seen Howie's Game Shack, then you need to take a gander at the setup. It's pretty impressive.  With that said, 200 PCs of Howie's will be equipped with Diamondback mice from Razer. They're pretty slick mice and should be a great compliment to the already impressive setup that Howie's has.




The Largest Game Center  in North America to Use Razer Diamondback


February 16, 2007 – Los Angeles – Razer™, a leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming peripherals, has been selected as the exclusive partner to provide specialized gear to Howie’s Game Shack, the largest game centers in North America. 


Howie’s retail location will now feature 200 gaming PCs equipped with state-of-the-art Diamondback mice.  The partnership will enhance game playing at Howie’s by offering Razer’s next-generation hardware. 


“Howie’s Game Shack is a gamers’ nirvana. This is a perfect venue to unleash Razer gear,” says Robert Krakoff, president of Razer USA.  “We’re psyched to support this facility and give gamers a chance to test the Diamondback and fully experience the competitive edge that Razer products bring.”


“After extensive research and hands-on product evaluation, it became abundantly clear that Razer was our best choice!” says Howie Makler of Howie’s Game Shack.  “Razer provides Howie’s added value with best-in-class peripherals, gear designed specifically for gaming, top-notch customer service and an organization of outstanding people.”


Howie’s initial location is 12,500 sq. ft., open daily in Mission Viejo, CA, doesn’t close before 2am, and provides:  200 custom gaming PCs, 50 Xbox 360 consoles connected to high-definition displays and exclusively built sound chairs, exclusive Monster Energy Alley, pizza, snacks, tournaments and competitions, and a family-friendly environment only describable as ultra-cool.


Designed for gamers by gamers, the Razer Diamondback features on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, non-slip side rails, a new ergonomic ambidextrous design, 1,600 dpi for increased precision accuracy and tracking ability, ultra-high speed motion detection for either low or high-sensitivity players and seven independently programmable buttons optimized for gamer response.  The highly stylized gear is the ultimate optical control devices for today’s adrenaline-pumping, white knuckle action PC games.  Offering ergonomic designs, revolutionary features and breakthrough technology, Razer mice give players the competitive edge they demand in the frag fests of today’s competitive environment where cold hard cash is on the line.  With an incredible feel, amazing performance and explosive game play, the Razer line of mice is a must for serious players.

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