How will Street Fighter IV 3D be different?

by: Jeremy -
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When Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition launches on the Nintendo 3DS next year, it will look like the SSF4 game that we all know and love on the surface. Dedicated fans who want to see a a near-perfect translation of the console game they know on the go and love will likely be satisfied, but Ono-san and the rest of the development crew at Capcom are going to add in a variety of new things to cater to the new audience.

First and foremost, there is the obvious inclusion of 3D graphics; it is being developed on the world’s first 3D, portable gaming console after all. In order to give the game an immersive 3-dimensional feel, Capcom is adding an over the shoulder camera view for characters. You can get a feel for this new camera angle in a couple of the screenshots that are shown below. I think that this is an interesting take on the traditional fighting game perspective and I am curious to see how the traditional control scheme will translate into this new perspective.

If the traditional control scheme doesn’t suit your likes on the 3DS version of the game, Capcom is also addiing what are being called pro and simple controls. Pro controls refer to the classic setup that we all know and love, using the directional pad and face / shoulder buttons. The simple controls on the other hand utilize the system’s lower-touch screen to pull off maneuvers in the game. In the simplified mode, the bottom panel can be equipped with four, customizable panels which can be linked to specific moves such as various special, Super, or Ultra combinations (also shown in the screens below). Players can link their preferred moves to these panels for quick and easy access.

It is nice that Capcom isn’t pushing these new options on to players and giving them the option to choose the controls and views that they choose. If they play their cards right, the handheld version of the game could be as big, if not bigger, than the console hit that has been reigning on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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