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Max Gaming Technologies have announced that they're working on a new version of their mech combat sim Lore: Aftermath to be released via e-distribution.  Lore: Aftermath isn't a game concept, it's a completed game that was released on a now defunct online game portal.  Since this portal is now gone Lore: Aftermath doesn't have a home, and that's where you come in.  To help update the game for e-release they are calling on mech sim, anime, and FPS fans to help contribute to the game via the funding website  Judging by the video on the fundraiser's site (which can be found here) the game looks fun.  I generally suck at mech games (couldn't tell you how many times I tipped my mech over in Steel Battalion) but I'll probably check this game out and possibly donate if I have to funds to do so.
Announcing Lore: Aftermath - the Return of the Mech Game
Max Gaming Technologies Turns to and Gamers to Help Fund the Next Edition of Aftermath
Akron, OH – April 14th, 2011. Max Gaming Technologies is pleased to announce that they are working on a new version of the PC & Mac based Mech combat sim “Lore : Aftermath” and plans to release the game via e-distribution. To do this update the company has chosen to call on the support of Mech simulation, anime and FPS fans to lend their support by contributing to the project via the funding website .
“Lore: Aftermath” is the sequel to the 2005 IGF finalist “Lore – Invasion,” originally launched in 2008 as an exclusive game for an online game portal. It offered players a chance to return to the long-lost Mech genre to customize and pilot a 35-foot-tall combat vehicle called a Mechanized Assault Vehicle (MAV), in a range of roles inside of eight online multiplayer combat environments.
Max Gaming’s goal with this version is to expand and update the features found in the game by also adding a persistent game world that ties missions to control points and unique unlocks for the faction that controls it. A mobile application to allow players on the go to play a strategic meta-game is also in the works, and several visual updates to the game are planned.
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