Hotfix released for CMSF Marines

by: Chad -
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The 1.21 patch for Combat Mission: Shock Force Marines was released on November 10, 2009.  It appears that many have had issues with the scoring in the "Afternoon Delight" scenario since that release.  As a result, has issued a hotfix for players.

If you have not installed the 1.21 patch before today, it has been re-released as 1.21a and already contains the hotfix.  Any campaign that you were already playing through will work if you use the instructions here.   If you've never heard of the game before today, more information can be found here.
We have just released a v1.21a Hotfix for CMSF Marines with a slightly modified version of the original Combat Mission: Shock Force Marines campaign "Semper Fi, Syria!". The modifications fix known problems with scoring in the scenario "Afternoon Delight" in particular, but do not offer new functionality to the campaign itself. The Hotfix is distributed via the Battlefront Repository:

NOTE: This Hotfix is only needed for players who have downloaded the v1.21 patch before today.

At the same time as the Hotfix, we are also re-releasing the v1.21 patch as 1.21a, including the above Hotfix. Please update your download mirrors accordingly. The new v1.21a patch is available from here (same link as the old patch):
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