Hot Pursuit races toward release

by: Jeremy -
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Electronic Arts will release the next installment in the long-revered Need for Speed series on November 16 on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The newest game, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, takes the series back to an era it covered nearly a decade ago with a series of Hot Pursuit games. this time around though, EA has given the reigns of the project to Criterion who is best known for their work on the Burnout series.

Criterion and EA have released a new video hyping the upcoming game while showing off the thrill of the chase. The video gives you a hint of the cat and mouse action you will be partaking in when the full game launches in November. A note at the end of the trailer states that a demo of the game is planned for release on October 26. Please note that this trailer originates from the European portion of EA, hence the Pegi rating. Let’s just hope that the US gets a demo on or around that date as well...

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