Hot Legal Carmack on Carmack action

by: Chuck -
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Aren't lawsuits the darndest things?  Iit looks like Id games has lost another co-founder as Adrian Carmack was pushed out of the company rather than "retiring and moving out to Arizona" as previously reported.  This has now come to light and Adrian is now suing the company.  While this does seem to fit the Id HR process (see Romero, John and McGee, American) the big revelation is that Id turned down a $105 million dollar buyout offer from Activision.  The lawsuit does seem to be a bit on the frivolous side as you can't usually re-coup the profits from an event that didn't happen but it really doesn't cast the Id group in a positive light.  If you want to learn more about the inner dealings of Id you definitely want to check out the book "Masters of Doom" which provides a lot of insight into the inner dealings of the company.
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