Hope to have Halo 4 on the PC? Keep on hoping

by: John -
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So, Jeremy's really digging Halo 4 and so far the reviews have been pretty positive. Don't have a 360 but have a PC and want to play the game? It's probably not going to happen.

Halo and Halo 2 showed up on the PC, but the other Halo games skipped the platform. Since then, there's never been a peep about one of the Halo game showing up again on the PC. You'd think Microsoft would want some of their top games to help with their Games for Windows services, but it doesn't seem that way.

Then again, I never hear many people clamoring for the Halo series on the PC. Would it succeed if done? Maybe. I know a lot of folks would mod that game if it were available. 

For now though, the 360 is the only way to go to play Halo 4 and I'm guessing it will be that way for a while on both this and future Halo titles.
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